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And Booking information

Want to book an appointment?

Booking info

Please use the contact form below to make your appointment, or email me at ardie@electrictherapy.be

Provide as much info as possible regarding your desired tattoo:
  • describe what tattoo you want - the atmosphere, amount of details, mood,...
  • how large would you like the tattoo to be (in cm).
  • do you want linework/blackwork/full colour?
  • do you already have tattoos?
  • what tattoo style do you prefer?
  • please send reference pictures by mail and describe why you send these pictures and what attracts you to them?
  • what days of the week fit you best to come by?

Studio Guidelines

I work during the daytime. Evening, weekend and holiday appointments are not possible. On Saturdays, appointments are possible from 09:30 to 12:00.

Large projects

Large projects will need different appointments with a minimum of three weeks rest in between. Large project sessions last for at least three hours. We can work a full day too. In that case, you will need to bring your lunch to eat during your break. In the case of large projects, I will send you different possible dates in the next phase of booking.

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Use the form below to book your appointment.
I look forward to hearing from you.
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